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Get to Know Our Team | Kiera Gannon

Director of Design

Nice to meet you, I'm Kiera! My journey as a designer began as young as 8 years old when I insisted on the perfect shade of deep plum for my bedroom walls (I lost the battle to my mom, and we opted for a soft shade of mauve since deep plum was "too mature" for my age). I am incredibly close to my family -- I am the 4th born of 6 kids, and our family continues to grow. I attended college in pursuit of a business management degree and a minor in studio art with eventual plans to become an interior designer. Post graduation, I came knocking on Salt's door, and I signed on as Jess's assistant, eager to absorb every technical skill. Nearly 7 years later, I am not a Director of Design, running the coolest projects and working with the most inspiring group of women. My style stems from my passion for timeless design--inspired by my travels and interiors that withstand the test of time.

My obsession with traveling the world sparked during my 4 week stint studying furniture design in Florence. Since then, I've taken a trip nearly every year to countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Prague (to name a few), and I always say my projects receive a sprinkle of inspiration from the country I recently returned from (i.e. Rivers Edge Pool House = Greece). The team thinks of me as the neutral girl, from my design aesthetic all the way down to my wardrobe. I love streamlined, modern clothing, and I am inspired by the rooted architecture of a home--blending 1900s millwork with clean lines, mixed textures and modern lighting & artwork.

I am newly engaged to the best man there is! Christian and I are set to get married in Ireland (of course) in early 2025 with our families and closest friends. In the meantime, we're finishing up a year-long renovation of our first home in Asbury Park alongside our GC, my dad.

Some say we didnt need to gut nearly the entire house, but come on, it's me we're talking about. I am obsessed with any & all music, and I find the easiest way to connect with people is sharing a sneak new artist find. With a busy year ahead, I have big plans of keeping it a truly local summer: you can find me parked on the beach with a book or front row at all the Stone Pony shows.

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