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Get to Know Our Team | Sarah Brady

Founder and Principal Designer

Time for a proper introduction - I'm Sarah Brady, the founder & creative director behind Salt Design Company. After a former career in finance and a deep rooted connection to the construction industry, I followed my ultimate passion to build Salt in 2014. It's still wild to me that we will be celebrating 10 years this coming Summer.

I was born & raised north of Boston, and still make my way back there as much as I can. New England will always be one of my favorite places to visit, and it serves as a major source of inspiration for me in my designs. I now live in New Jersey with my husband Matt and our two kids, Makena & Hutch. Both of our kids' names hold special meanings to us, even if Mak's name is always misspelled & no one knows if Hutchinson is his first of last name. I love to travel and love good food. The second I return home from a trip, I'm already planning the next one.

I only wear neutrals, and for some reason my interior design capabilities did not translate into fashion. I am more comfortable in athleisure. I can't go to bed until my kitchen is completely clear. Some of my neurotic behaviors (I like to call them quirks) transfer over to my eating habits too. I believe in the perfect ratio of each food on the plate in every bite.

Beyond the world of design, you'll find me immersed in a good book or listening to an episode of Smartless. I almost exclusively watch BritBox on Amazon Prime (Masterpiece Theater / BBC / PBS are my jam), have an obsession with anything WWII related, and reality television gives me anxiety. I owe my sanity to a great group of like-minded working mom friends who inspire me daily. I have a favorite pen and I still write my to-do list on a yellow sticky note.

My team is the absolute best group of hardworking women, and they are truly the reason for all of Salt's successes. I couldn't do any of this without them!

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